• Anti Estrogen Letrazole/Femara Powder

    Letrazole/Femara تفاصيل:

    Letrozol Names: Letrozol
    Letrozol Alias: TROZET; Letrazole, Femara, Lelrozol
    Letrozol Synonyms:4,4'-(1h-1,2,4-Triazol-1-Ylmethylene)Bisbenzonitrile
    Letrozol Molecular Formula:C17H11N5
    Letrozol Molecular Weight :285.31
    Letrozol CAS Registry Number:112809-51-5
    Letrozol Melting Point:181-183ºC
    Letrozol Purity: 99%
    Letrozol Character: مسحوق بلوري أبيض.
    Letrozol Packing Specifications: Foil bag or special package

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    High Purified White Crystalline Powder Letrazole Muscling Fitness

    Letrazole/Femara تفاصيل:

    Letrozol Assay 99%
    Letrozol Molecular Formula C17H11N5
    Letrozol Molecular Weight 285.3
    Letrozol Appearance White power
    Letrozol Supply Ability 5000kg/month
    Letrozol Quality Standard مستوى المؤسسة.
    Letrozol Minimum Order 10ز
    Letrozol Storage تظليل, confined preservation


    Letrazole/Femara الوصف:

    Femara is a third generation aromatase inhibitor. Like most aromatase inhibitors it was developed to fight breast cancer by inhibiting aromatization via the aromatase enzyme. It is similar to arimidex, however femara is much more potent in it’s ability and is used primarily when other treatments such as selective estrogen receptor modulators have failed to produce results. This is why the majority of the research about femara has been conducted on post-menopausal women, but of course some of the findings can be translated over for the benefit of athletes.


    Femara is a powerful Aromatase Inhibitor that was developed to fight breast cancer. For athletes and bodybuilders, it is a drug used to combat the estrogenic side effects of anabolic steroids water-retention, acne and gynocomastia. It will also raise testosterone levels because of the lowered estrogen in the body. Side effects from include a lowered sex drive and continuous use can lead to lowered lipid function and an impaired immune system.


    Femara is intended for use only by women who are no longer of childbearing age. Possible candidates must have already ceased to menstruate. It is often used in patients who have already undergone other cancer treatments, such as radiation, chemotherapy, and used other cancer drugs, like tamoxifen. This nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor may help prevent any remaining cancer cells from spreading. Femara is used for the treatment of post-menopause breast cancer.


    Letrazole/Femara for PCT Usage:

    With its ability to promote natural testosterone production, Letrozole is often an appealing choice for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plans. This can also make it appealing for low testosterone treatment, but it’s often not enough. ومع ذلك, for PCT purposes, while it can be effective it’s generally not recommended. The primary purpose of PCT is stimulating natural testosterone production, which Letrozole can do very well. ومع ذلك, part of the purpose of PCT is also normalization, which will be difficult with severely suppressed estrogen levels. Estrogen is an important hormone as it promotes a stronger immune system and healthier cholesterol levels. For the anabolic steroid user, his best bet for PCT is sticking with SERM’s for his natural testosterone production needs.


    Anti Estrogen Steroids:

    Anti Estrogen Steroids مستخلصات المواد الكيميائية.
    Exemestane 107868-30-4
    Clomifene Citrate (Clomid) 50-41-9
    Letrozole 112809-51-5
    Trilostane 13647-35-3
    Anastrozole 120511-73-1
    Fulvestrant 129453-61-8
    Tamoxifen Citrate 54965-24-1
    Raloxifene Hydrochloride 82640-04-8
    Flutamide 13311-84-7


    Anti-estrogen Series
    Tamoxifen Citrate رقم سجل المستخلصات الكيميائية: 563.64
    Clomifene Citrate رقم سجل المستخلصات الكيميائية: 50-41-9
    Toremifene Citrate رقم سجل المستخلصات الكيميائية: 89778-27-8
    Exemestane رقم سجل المستخلصات الكيميائية: 107868-30-4
    Anastrozole رقم سجل المستخلصات الكيميائية: 120511-73-1
    Letrozole رقم سجل المستخلصات الكيميائية: 112809-51-5
    Fulvestrant رقم سجل المستخلصات الكيميائية: 129453-61-8

    Letrazole/Femara تقرير الاختبار:

    اسم المنتج Letrazole
    Production Bath 20190312 الكمية 100kg
    مواصفات مستوى المؤسسة Shelf life 2 السنوات
    Result For Analysis
    العناصر القياسية النتائج
    المظهر White or off-white crystaline powder أبيض
    Crystalline powder
    القابلية للذوبان Soluble in Chloroform;
    Soluble in ethanol when heated
    ldentification (1)Maximum absorption in wavelength of 240 nm
    Minimum absorption in wavelength of 215 nm
    (2)Infrared spectrum should be in accordance the dominant peak of contrast In accordance with the dominant peak of contrast
    Melting points 182ºC-184ºC 182ºC
    المواد ذات الصلة ≤0.5% 0.3%
    Single impurity ≤0.3% 0.2%
    الخسارة في تجفيف ≤1.0% 0.8%
    (On anhydrous basis)
    ≥98.0% 99.2%
    الاستنتاج Conforms Specifications of Enterprise Standard.

    Shipping/ Return/ Refund Policy:

    >>> Shipping Procedure:

    We will attempt to ship most orders within 48 hours excluding weekends or holidays.All Items are shipped safely and in manner that ensures safe arrival. If for any reason this is not the case then please email us and we will work with you. Each case is handled individually.


    International and EU orders ship via Priority mail or DHL based on weight. Customer will be provided with tracking number. Shipment to countries with tropical climate will be in isolated pack and with cooling inlets. After receiving all products must be placed into refrigerator to +5° C.


    >>> Resend Procedure:

    We will accepts returns if it is due to damage that is our fault or manufacturers defects. The items that we sell are peptide and as such could degrade if improperly handled. As a result we are unable to resell products once they have left our warehouse. The return must be within 15 days of the time of the purchase.


    Peptide on the other hand, due to their fragile nature and us being to monitor how they were handled when they were out of care, could possibly degrade. We prefer not to accept returns of peptide due to this fact.If you are missing an item or the item you receive is damaged, then please contact us and we will sent out a replacement free of shipping cost to you.


    >>> Delivery Insurance:

    All our shipments are insured. We guarantee delivery regardless of any obstacles that might happen on the way. None of our customers have ever been left empty handed and neither will you.


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