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  • Anabole Steroid Oxandrolon für Muskelaufbau

    Oxandrolone/Anavar Clasuse:

    Oxandrolone Name: Oxandrolone, Anavar
    Oxandrolone Alias: Oxandrin, Lonavar, Xtendrol
    Oxandrolone CAS: 53-39-4
    Oxandrolone EINECS: 200-172-9
    Oxandrolone Assay: 99% min
    Oxandrolone Grade: Pharmazeutischer Qualität
    Oxandrolone Molecular Formula: C19H30O3
    Oxandrolone Molecular Weight: 306.4
    Oxandrolone Character: Weißes, kristallines Pulver.

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    Anabolic Weight Loss / Muscle Building Steroid Oxandrolone

    Oxandrolone/Anavar Spezifikation:

    Oxandrolone Name Oxandrolone
    Oxandrolone CAS 53-39-4
    Oxandrolone Appearance white crytalline powder
    Oxandrolone Grade Pharmazeutischer Qualität
    Oxandrolone Purity 99%
    Oxandrolone Standard ISO9001
    Oxandrolone Minimum order quantity 10g
    Oxandrolone Price Verhandelbar

    If you want a highly effective yet safe and affordable anabolic steroid for cutting cycles, lean muscle building cycles, or fat loss, Anavar or Oxandrolone would be an ideal choice for you.

    Oxandrolone/Anavar Description:

    Oxandrolon (brand names Oxandrin, Anavar, Lonavar, andere), ist ein synthetisches, oral wirksame anabole-androgene Steroide(AAS) that first became available as a prescription drug in the United States in 1964. It is a 17α-methylated derivative of dihydrotestosterone(DHT) that has an oxygen atom in place of the carbon at the 2 position.


    It’s true that Anavar isn’t one of the most powerful anabolic steroids, but its benefits are also impossible to deny. When we consider the benefits it can provide along with the side effect friendly nature this is one of the better steroids ever made. If you’re looking for as much mass as humanly possible in the shortest period of time this steroid isn’t for you, but if you understand the hormone and what it can do then you may very well find it worthwhile.


    We then have the female factor and many of the female physiques you admire have been built in part on Anavar. It’s far more common than you might think. And that’s not surprising when we again consider the ease of this steroid in terms of side effects.

    Oxandrolone/Anavar Funktionen:

    1. Oxandrolone/Anavar Androgene& Anabolen Ratio:

    Oxandrolone is both an anabolic steroid and has all the properties of an androgenic drug. The actions of the Oxandrolone is similar to testosterone. But Anavar is often called a weak testosterone. It has two advantages compared to other steroids. Firstly, it does not converted into estrogen and it does not significantly influence the hypothalamic pituitary tract at low doses. What this means is that because it is not broken down to estrogen, males will not develop breast enlargement Secondly, because it does not affect the hypothual pituitary axis. It dose not affect the suppression of testosterone. This means that the individual taking Anavar will not have such side effects like loss of libido, impotence or testicular atrophy- features that are commonly seen with other anabolic steroids.


    1. A Females Prevailed Oral Steroid:

    While it’s not a great steroid for male off-season cycles, it is one of the best for females. Most women are not looking for massive gains, and more importantly, women will be far more sensitive to the Oxandrolone hormone. Due to the high level of toleration enjoyed by this hormone, most women will benefit greatly. The female athlete should find off-season Anavar gains to be very clean and of a high quality nature. As a bonus, she will be able to maintain a lower level of body fat during her off-season thanks to the steroid’s metabolic enhancing effects.


    III. Oxandrolone/Anavar As an 17α-alkylated Steroids:

    Oxandrolon(Anavar) has given optimistic consequences in taking care of anemia and hereditary angioedema. Proven studies though have given links linking expanded use of the medicine and problems of liver toxicity like to those found with additional 17α-alkylated steroids. Yet in little dosages, numerous patients shown gastro-intestinal troubles such as bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.

    Versand & Lieferung:

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    2.Nach jedem Versand bieten wir Ihnen mit:
    1) einen link & Tracking-Nummer, Ihr Paket online verfolgen.

    2) die wenigen Bilder mit Ihrer Bestellung & Details.

    3.Über die Zollabfertigung,Wir packten in Verkleidung Möglichkeiten. Nach unserer Erfahrung,die angemessene und sichere Lieferung,Es gewann ’ t werden Probleme.

    4.Wir bestätigen 99% Freigabe,100% guaranteed.5.Is senden sie am besten & sicherste Versand für unsere Stammkunden!


    Oxandrolone/Anavar COA

    Test der Analyse Standard Analyse Ergebnisse der Analyse
    Identifizierung(TLC, IR) HPLC, IR Positive
    Löslichkeit Practically insoluble in water;
    Weakly soluble in chloroform;
    Slightly soluble in ethanol.
    Schmelzpunkt 229-232 ° C 230~232 °C
    Trocknungsverlust ≤1.0 % 0.32%
    Rückstände auf Zündung ≤0.2% 0.06%
    Related substance Impurity 12456810 ≤0.1%
    Impurity 379 ≤0.3%
    Impurity 11 ≤0.5%
    Individual unknown impurity ≤0.1%
    Total Impurities ≤1.0%
    Residual Solvents Ethanol ≤1365ppm
    Methanol ≤3000ppm
    Assay 98.0~102.0% 98.7%
    Micronized 30 Mesh≥100% bestehen
    Schlussfolgerung Usp 32(Be Conform With USP 32)


    Oral Steroid Liquid Recipe Procedure:

    1) Place a sufficient amount of water in a pan and place on the stove

    2) Remove from heat when the water reaches boiling temperature

    3) Place the powder and the PEG in the beaker

    4) Gently swirl or stir the contents of the beaker until the solution is clear (reheat the water if necessary)

    5) Remove the beaker from the water

    6) Allow the PEG to cool down

    7) Slowly add the 190 Proof Alcohol to the mixture

    8) Gently stir until fully mixed


    Fabrik OEM Anpassung Service :

    Orale Steroide TabletPillCapsules pharmazeutische Pre-Mix :
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    2. Sie müssen nur drücken es und packen es, dann erhalten Sie fertige Pillen oder Tabletten

    3. Als Kapseln, Das wäre viel einfacher. Sie müssen nur die Mischung in Kapseln füllen, dann könnte es zu nehmen oder verkaufen.

    4. Maschinen müssen für diese Produktion finden Sie hier alle, z. B. Pellet Maschine, Pressmaschine.

    5. Label und Box können hier angepasst werden.

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