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    99% Purity Raw Steroid Powders Formestane for Steroids Cancer Treatment

    Formestane/Lentaron Details

    Formestane Names Formestane
    Formestane Alias Lentaron, 4-hydroxyandrost-4-ene-3,17-dione
    Formestane CAS NO. 566-48-3
    Formestane Appearance Off-white crystalline powder
    Formestane M F C19H26O3
    Formestane M W 302.41
    Formestane Catalogy Aromatase Inhibitor Steroid
    Formestane Usage Antitumor drug
    Formestane Grade Pharmazeutischer Qualität
    Formestane Dosage 250mg, 1 time every two weeks
    Formestane Administration Intramuscular injection.
    Formestane Density 1.19 g/cm3
    Formestane Melting Point 199-202
    Formestane Boiling Point 475.4 at 760 mmHg
    Formestane Flash Point 255.4
    Formestane Packing Foil bag or as requirments


    Formestane/Lentaron Einführung:

    Formestane/Lentaron is one of the best legal anti-estrogens, and it’s classified as an irreversible arromatase inhibitor, meaning, it destroys the aromatase enzyme. Formestane/Lentaron is a synthetic steroidal substance with antineoplastic activity and it binds irreversibly to and inhibits the enzyme aromatase, thereby blocking the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone and the peripheral aromatization of androgenic precursors into estrogens. Formestane/Lentaron is a drug that has been previously used in breast cancer treatment. Like most drugs which have some sort of phsyique usage, athletes eventually get a hold of it.

    Formestane/Lentaron Anwendung für Bodybuilding
    1) Formestane/Lentaron steroidal aromatase inhibitor. It is used in the treatment of estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer in post-menopausal women. It is available as an intramuscular depot injection.

    2) Formestane/Lentaron is used to suppress estrogen production from anabolic steroids or


    3) Formestane/Lentaron acts as a prohormone to 4hydroxytestosterone also an active steroid which displays weak androgenic activity in addition to acting as mild aromatase inhibitor.

    4) Formestane/Lentaron is used to suppress estrogen production from anabolic steroids or prohormones

    Anti Estrogen Steroids:

    Anti Estrogen Steroids CAS-Nr..
    Exemestane 107868-30-4
    Clomifene Citrate (Clomid) 50-41-9
    Letrozol 112809-51-5
    Trilostane 13647-35-3
    Anastrozol 120511-73-1
    Fulvestrant 129453-61-8
    Tamoxifen Citrat 54965-24-1
    Raloxifene Hydrochloride 82640-04-8
    Flutamide 13311-84-7


    Anti-estrogen Series
    Tamoxifen Citrat CAS-Nr.: 563.64
    Clomifene Citrate CAS-Nr.: 50-41-9
    Toremifene Citrate CAS-Nr.: 89778-27-8
    Exemestane CAS-Nr.: 107868-30-4
    Anastrozol CAS-Nr.: 120511-73-1
    Letrozol CAS-Nr.: 112809-51-5
    Fulvestrant CAS-Nr.: 129453-61-8

    Formestane/Lentaron Test Report:

    Name des Produkts Formestane
    Production Bath 20190312 Production Date 2019-03-12
    Spezifikation Unternehmensstandard Shelf-life 2 Jahre
    Menge 100kg Analysis Date 2022-05-12
    Result For Analysis
    Artikel Standard Ergebnisse
    Test Spezifikation Ergebnisse
    Aussehen White or Almost White Crystalline Powder Conforms
    Schmelzpunkt 199-203 201.5
    Trocknungsverlust 0.50% 0.32%
    Spezifische Drehung +172~+182° +174.5 ~+181°
    Assay nicht weniger als 97% 99.8%
    Schlussfolgerung Conforms Specifications of Enterprise Standard.


    Shipping/ Return/ Refund Policy:

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