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  • el 10 Mejor método para aumentar la testosterona

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    el 10 Mejor método para aumentar la testosterona

    There are many reasons you need healthy testosterone levels. Esta hormona promueve la salud de los huesos y la salud del corazón, ayuda a construir músculo masa, y pueden ser capaces de evitar la depresión.

    Si sus niveles de testosterona son bajos, no se encuentra en su mejor. No necesariamente tienes que iniciar una ronda de suplementos para aumentar tu testosterona, Aunque.

    It turns out there are plenty of natural methods that are highly recommended. We compiled them into a handy list of 10 of the best testosterone builders.

    1. Watch Your Medications

    You may not read the ingredients list on your medications.

    Si usted está preocupado por sus niveles de testosterona aunque, es hora de empezar.

    Según las investigaciones Universidad de Washington Escuela de Seattle de medicina de, medicamentos como los esteroides anabólicos, prednisona y otros glucocorticoides, los opioides (como oxycontin y fentanilo) son todos culpables. (Editado por Hongxi Pharm)

    Si usted toma cualquiera de estos medicamentos, Seguramente hay una razón. No seas imprudente. Puede que desee los mejores niveles de la testosterona todavía, pero hay que ser inteligente respecto.

    Before reducing or ceasing any medication use, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Ask for their professional medical opinion about how you can increase testosterone levels.

    This may involve cutting back on certain medications, but make sure you have your doctor’s approval first.

    2. Drink Less Alcohol

    How much do you drink each week?

    The amount of alcohol you consume takes a direct toll on your testosterone. The more alcohol running through your veins, the less testosterone in your body.

    Que dicho, the effects of alcohol are short-term, in that they last about 24 horas. Todavía, there are plenty of other smart reasons to banish the booze.

    Regular drinking triggers your body into producing more cortisol. This could lead to weight gain. (Editado por Hongxi Pharm)

    Testosterone can help you control your weight. Sin embargo, if have less of this hormone in your body because of booze, that’s no longer true.

    3. Manage Stress Levels

    Speaking of cortisol, how stressed are you?

    The more overwhelmed you are, the more cortisol in your body. That means the potential for more weight gain.

    Everyone has stress in their lives. This is completely unavoidable. It’s how you deal with stress that matters.

    Learn stress-busting techniques like focused breathing and meditation. Make sure you have time for your hobbies. Don’t answer work calls or emails once you leave the office (but talk to your boss about this first!).

    4. Get More Zzzs

    You know you’re supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, but who has time? Between work and your personal life, you’re lucky if you get five to six hours nightly.

    That’s passable though, right? You may wake up bleary-eyed, but you drink a few cups of coffee and you’re good to go.

    Your routine may be passable, but your testosterone isn’t. To get your best testosterone levels yet, you have to make sleep a priority. This isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary.

    Researchers from the Journal of Andrology studied two groups of men: those who get enough sleep (eight hours) and those who don’t.

    Guess which ones had more testosterone?

    You already know the answer. There was a testosterone increase of 60 percent for those men who got more sleep.

    5. Maintain an Active Lifestyle

    You bought a gym membership. You go when you can, but that’s not often. Sometimes you have the energy for it, and sometimes you get home and just want to crash.

    When you do that, your testosterone suffers.

    According to a study from George Washington University Medical Center, the more you exercise, the better your chances for having your best testosterone levels yet.

    Testerone levels are not static. If your body is working hard, you get more hormones to keep your bones and muscles healthy. If your body doesn’t work hard as often, you have less testosterone.

    6. Watch Your Weight

    Exercising helps you maintain your best testosterone levels yet. You can also control your weight.

    Healthy testosterone levels can reduce body fat, keeping you looking and feeling better. It goes even further than that, Aunque.

    The University of Washington School of Medicine found that testosterone levels were the weakest in obese men. Even those who were overweight had less of the hormone.

    If you have weight issues, it would do your health and your testosterone good to lose a few pounds.

    7. Add Some BCAAs

    It is okay to take supplements to get more testosterone in your body. You just have to be careful of which ones you take.

    Branch chain amino acids, also known as BCAAs, are a type of leucine. You can get this in whey protein powder.

    There are sometimes side effects associated with this supplement. Those are reduced glycemic control and insulin production.

    Don’t want to risk it? No problem. You can also get BCAAs in most cheeses. Just make sure to get the natural varieties and not the processed stuff!

    8. Eat More Good Fats

    When trying to get healthy, you’re told to avoid fats.

    That logic is somewhat misguided. Some fats are good for you, but certainly not all.

    If you’re eating polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, you’re doing your body (and your testosterone!) a favor.

    According to the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry, your testosterone levels can drop if you don’t eat a diet comprised of partly healthy fats (hasta 40 percent).

    Want to change the way you eat today? Start getting more grass-fed beef, avocados, almonds, and olive oil in your diet.

    9. Get More Vitamin D

    You’ve probably heard that vitamin D is good for your mood. Para los hombres, it does so much more than that. This vitamin can increase testosterone, libido, and sperm count.

    You can get vitamin D in two ways: naturally or through a supplement. If you want to go the natural route, just spend some time outside.

    10. And Our Last Pick for Best Testosterone-Boosting Methods…Cut Back on Sugar

    Sugar is bad for you. There’s no other way around it. Yet sugar is in so many foods we eat, even the savory ones.

    How can you avoid it?

    Quit soda and energy drinks. Don’t take sugar in your coffee. Reduce your reliance on desserts, for starters.

    The reason testosterone levels dip when you eat sugar is that insulin goes into overdrive. By eating less sugar, your testosterone levels will stabilize.

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