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  • Pharmaceutical Yellow Liquid Grape Seed Oil for Steroid Carrier

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    Pharmaceutical Yellow Liquid Grape Seed Oil for Steroid Carrier


    Сведения о продукте:

    Название продукта: Grapeseed oil
    Псевдоним: Vitis vinifera
    Регистрационный номер CAS: 85594-37-2
    EINECS No: 287-896-9
    Класс: Food Grade
    Внешний вид:yellow liquid

    Mild aroma characteristic taste of grape seed oil

    Linoleic acid (%) 70 ~ 76

    Application areas: food, health products, cosmetic, fragrance beauty, medicine

    Другие растворителя: Бензилбензоат, Бензиловый спирт, Масло виноградных косточек


    Спецификация продукции:

    Название продукта Масло из виноградных косточек
    КАС. 85594-37-2
    Чистота 99%
    Класс Фармацевтические; Food Grade
    Категории Фармацевтических органических растворителей
    Внешний вид yellow liquid
    Время упреждения В рамках 24 часов после получения оплаты
    Отгрузка EMS, DHL, ТНТ, FedEx, UPS
    Время доставки 4-6 рабочих дней через воздух
    Упаковка Ствол Galvanied железа, Вес нетто: 200kg±0. 05
    Хранения 2-8° C
    Время доставки 7-12 days to arrive


    Описание продукта:

    GSO = Grape Seed Oil.GSO is called the ‘carrier’.A much superior oil for steroid injections, as opposed to cottonseed oil, but also has a shorter shelf life. It should be stored in a dark place, at room temp.

    Grape seed oil is much thinner, has anesthetic qualities, repairs damaged tissue and is actually healthy for you.It is cheaper, more sterile,more readily available, thinner, and above all, less allergenic than other oils. The stuff shoots great.

    So when you use GSO; you can use a smaller needle, create less scar tissue and help repair the tissue that is damaged with the injection.


    Grape Seed Oil Effect

    1. Rich in linoleic acid and Oligo proanthocyanidin:

    Linoleic acid is an essential amino-acid. It has good effects on anti-free oxygen radicals, anti-aging. It helps to absorb VC, VE, alleviate harm resulting from sunburn.

    Oligo proanthocyanidin has good effects on protecting collagen fiber and elastic fibers.

    1. High penetrability: It can nourish skin, especially allergic skin effective. It is rich in VF, minerals and protein, so it has good effects on nourish skin.


    Grape Seed Oil Usage

    In foods, grapeseed oil has numerous uses. It has a very high smoking point, so many people use grapeseed oil to fry foods. It can also be included in dressings and sauces, and since it emulsifies very well, it does not generally separate when used to make things like mayonnaise. The flavor is also unobtrusive, allowing diners to focus on the main component of the dish. Culinary grapeseed oil can also be flavored with the addition of things like peppers, truffle shavings, and herbs.


    In cosmetics, grapeseed oil is widely used. It is often combined with other oils to make massage oil, since it glides well on the skin and it also has moisturizing properties. Grapeseed oil appears to assist with skin repair, as it has mildly astringent and antiseptic qualities. Some companies use grapeseed oil as a short term natural preservative in body products, while others integrate it into moisturizing creams, sunscreen, and an assortment of other products.

    Solvents for Steroids
    Бензилбензоат CAS 120-51-4
    Бензиловый спирт CAS 100-51-6
    Масло виноградных косточек CAS 85594-37-2
    Этилового олеат CAS 111-62-6
    Гваякол CAS 90-05-1
    Polysorbate 80 (Анимации 80) CAS 9005-65-6
    Polyethylene Glycol (PEG 400) CAS 25322-68-3
    Propylene Glycol CAS 57-55-6

    Steroid Liquid Conversion Procedures(Поставка лаборатории):

    Step 1 Put Testosterone powder into the beaker
    Step 2 Put BA into the beaker
    Step 3 Put BB into the beaker
    Step 4 Put the beaker on the heater(80 ºC). Use the glass rod to stir until it dissolves completely.
    Step 5 Get the beaker down from the heater, wait until the transparent yellow liquid is cool
    Step 6 Put the grape seed Oil into the beaker, Use the glass rod to stir the liquid.
    Step 7 Filter the liquid with a sterile filter or a filtering machine


    Five Advantages of Making Finished Steroids:

    1. The cost is only 40-60% of the normal cost

    2. They take only a short time to prepare

    3. They are easier and cheaper to ship than amps or vials

    4. Less chance of your order getting seized by customs

    5. Unlike vials and amps, they come with a refund/reship policy

    We can not only supply raw steroids powder, but also semi-finished liquid steroids.

    We can help you make your brand, come on and join us


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