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    Finasteride Raw Steroid Powder para Hair Regrowth Drops Proscar Hair Loss


    Finasteride Basic Info:

    Finasteride CAS Number: 98319-26-7
    Finasteride Molecular Formula: C23H36N2O2
    Finasteride Molecular Weight: 372.5441
    Finasteride Appearance: Blanco o sólido cristalino casi blanco
    Finasteride English Synonyms: PROSCAR; PROSTIE; ; 17beta-(n-tert-butylcarbamoyl)-4-aza-5alpha-androst-1-en-3-one;
    Finasteride CAS NO.: 98319-26-7
    Finasteride Assay: 99%

    Finasteride Description

    Finasteride is a popular anti-androgen medication manufactured by Merck most commonly known as either Proscar or Propecia. Based on the progesterone skeleton, Finasteride belongs to a class of medications known as 5alpha-reductase inhibitors and as such is used for the treatment revolving around type 2 5-AR based occurrences.


    The drug finasteride is a competitive Type II 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor originally developed to help alleviate some of the symptoms and causes of benign prostatic hyperplasia and then later used to treat male pattern baldness. Therefore finasteride helps in blocking the formation of DHT in users. This is important since 5-alpha-reductase is found in high concentrations in such areas of the body as the prostate and scalp. By inhibiting these interactions in these tissues finasteride can help to reduce the levels of androgenic activity and prevent some conditions from occurring or reduce their severity.


    Finasteride is very common among those who supplement with anabolic steroids yet fear hair-loss but there are important things you need to understand before you consider Finasteride use. As an androgen suppressor Finasteride can seriously inhibit the gains made while on cycle, severely and on that basis it is not highly recommended for on-cycle hair preservation.


    Finasteride & Hair-loss Treatment

    Finasteride, sold under the brand names Proscar and Propecia among others, is a medication used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) and pattern hair loss. It is a type II and type III 5α-reductase inhibitor; 5α-reductase, an enzyme, converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


    Finasteride is sometimes used to treat pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in men only. Treatment slows further hair loss and provides about 30% improvement in hair loss after six months of treatment, with effectiveness only persisting as long as the drug is taken. Finasteride has also been tested for pattern hair loss in women; the results were no better than placebo.


    Finasteride Application:

    Propecia (finasteride) is used for treatment of hair loss; For the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, enlarged prostate shrink; improve urinary flow and improvement of benign prostatic hyperplasia caused symptoms.


    Clinical studies suggest that, with finasteride 1 mg/día, continuous oral 3 months or slightly long can have hair growth, after continuous treatment 1 year hair growth rate to 48%, and can continue to fall off, taking the hair organization 2 years hair growth rate reached 66% ~ 83%.

    Finasteride Especificación:

    Finasteride Name Finasteride
    Finasteride Synonym Proscar
    Finasteride CAS 98319-26-7
    Finasteride Assay 99%
    Finasteride Packing 1kg net/foil bag, 5kg/drum.
    Finasteride Appearance White or white crystalline solid. Soluble in chloroform, dimethyl sulfoxide, etanol, methanol or propanol, insoluble in propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol 400
    Finasteride Standard Estándar de la empresa
    Finasteride Storage Malla sombreadora , Preservación confinado
    Finasteride Usage The drug can be very effective in reducing blood and dihydro testosterone within the prostate. Finasteride no affinity to the androgen receptor
    Finasteride Molecular Fomular C23H36N2O2
    Finasteride Molecular Weight 372.54


    Finasteride Medical Utiliza:

    Finasteride & Prostate Enlargement

    Physicians sometimes use finasteride for the treatment of BPH, informally known as an enlarged prostate. Finasteride may improve the symptoms associated with BPH such as difficulty urinating, getting up during the night to urinate, hesitation at the start of urination, and decreased urinary flow. It provides less symptomatic relief than alpha-1 blockers such as tamsulosin and symptomatic relief is slower in onset (six months or more of treatment with finasteride may be required to determine the therapeutic results of treatment).


    Finasteride & Pattern Hair Loss

    Finasteride is sometimes used to treat pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in men only. Treatment slows further hair loss and provides about 30% improvement in hair loss after six months of treatment, with effectiveness usually only persisting as long as the drug is taken, although on occasion hair loss is slowed indefinitely following withdrawal. Finasteride has also been tested for pattern hair loss in women; the results were no better than placebo.


    Finasteride & Sexual Function

    Whether finasteride causes long-term sexual dysfunction in some men after stopping drug treatment is unclear.There are case reports of persistent diminished libido or erectile dysfunction after stopping the drug and the FDA has updated the label to inform people of these reports.A 2010 review found moderate quality evidence that finasteride increased the risk of sexual dysfunction, but not that people stopped


    Finasteride Dosage

    As for the size of dosage required, it depends on the reaction of the user. Most males that are prescribed finasteride as part of a medical treatment are most often given doses of one milligram per day. This may be more than necessary, sin embargo. Anecdotally some users have indicated that doses of .5 milligrams per day or one milligram every other day have had the desired effect for some users. Sin embargo, other users may require larger doses to reap the benefits of the compound. For the most part, these doses range from 1.5 milligrams per day to as high as five milligrams per day or higher. When increasing one dosage, sin embargo, a user should make these increases gradually so as to gauge their response to the compound and avoid a dramatic onset of negative side effects.


    Finasteride Test Report:

    Artículos de la prueba Especificación Resultados de la prueba
    Descripción Polvo cristalino blanco o grisáceo Off-white crystalline powder
    Specific rotation -56°~-60° -58.2°
    Identificación IR Matches with working standard Cumple
    Solubilidad Freely soluble in chloroform and in alcohol;
    Very slightly soluble in water
    Se ajustan
    Metales pesados ≤10ppm <10ppm
    Agua ≤0.3% 0.22%
    Residuo en la ignición ≤0. 1% 0.05%
    Relative material Maximum impurities≤0.5% 0.36%
    Total impurities≤1.0% 0.52%
    Ensayo 98.5~101.0% 99.68%
    Conclusión The specification conform with Enterprise standard


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