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    Nandrolone Durabolin Blend Diandrol 100mg Dexadur 350mg Injection

    Dinandrol(Nandrolone Blend) 100mg Details:

    الناندرولون Phenylpropionate: 40ملغ/مل
    Decanoate الناندرولون: 60ملغ/مل

    Standard Dose: 350-700mgs weekly

    Blend Steroid Liquid Customerized Available

    Dexadur(Nandrolone Blend) 350مغ Steroid Component:

    Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg,

    Nandrolone Cypionate 100mg,

    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 50mg

    Standard Dose: 350-700mgs weekly

    Blend Steroid Liquid Customerized Available

    What is Dinandrol(Nandrolone Blend)?

    Dinandrol is a Nandrolon blend that was developed by Xelox Pharma co. located in the Philippines. As a Nandrolon blend, Dinandrol contains both Nandrolone Decanoate and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. The idea behind this compound was similar to Sustanon 250. This is an interesting product, simply because it combines the two most popular Nandrolon preparations, namely, Decanoate الناندرولون (عشاري) and Nandrolone Phenypropionate (دورابولين).


    Dinandrol(Nandrolone Blend) الشخصية:
    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Basic Info :
    رقم سجل المستخلصات الكيميائية: 62-90-8
    الصيغة الجزيئية: C27H34O3
    الوزن الجزيئي: 406.56
    المعيار المرجعي: USP32
    المظهر: White or Almost White Crystalline Powder.

    Nandrolone Decanoate Basic Info :
    رقم سجل المستخلصات الكيميائية: 360-70-3
    الصيغة الجزيئية: C28H44O3
    الوزن الجزيئي: 428.65
    المظهر: White Or White-off Crystalline Powder.


    Dinandrol(Nandrolonه Blend) Bodybuilding Application:
    In a performance setting, Dinandrol can be very beneficial to mass building, and like all Nandrolon compounds recovery and endurance promotion. ومع ذلك, it will still be less popular and less commonly available than traditional Nandrolon hormones. The functions and traits of Dinandrol are very powerful and encompass some of the best anabolic steroids have to offer.


    Many of the Dinandrol traits are similar to other anabolic steroids, very similar to testosterone, but the 19-nor nature gives us a unique steroid. We will also find it carries two traits that really separate the Nandrolon hormone from many other steroidal hormones. The effects of Dinandrol are most commonly associated with building lean muscle mass. This is an excellent anabolic steroid for the purpose of off-season periods of growth. It will not provide as significant or as rapid of a weight gain as oral steroids like Anadrol or Dianabol, but the gain will still be significant with adequate calories. كذلك, the individual should find muscle tissue gained due to the effects of Dinandrol are easier to hold onto once use is discontinued compared to steroids like Anadrol and Dianabol.


    The effects of Dinandrol are also greatly appreciated for the steroid’s ability to promote recovery and endurance. Very few ever think of the Nandrolon hormone as a cutting steroid, but the effects of Dinandrol can be very useful in a cutting phase. This steroid will not promote conditioning like Trenbolone or Anavar, and not even like Primobolan, but it still has a place. Many competitive bodybuilders find Nandrolon useful in cutting plans, especially at the frontend of the cycle in order to maintain or preserve larger amounts of lean muscle tissue.

    Dinandrol(Nandrolon Blend) Cycle Or Dose Reviews

    الجرعة الفعالة (الرجال): 200-600ملغ/الأسبوع
    الجرعة الفعالة (النساء): 50ملغ/الأسبوع
    Active Life: 15 أيام
    Detection Time: تصل إلى 18 أشهر

    Most athletes will find 200mg per week to be more efficient and further significantly promote muscular endurance and recovery. This same dose can be used for the same related benefits during a cutting cycle.

    For the off-season athlete, Dinandrol doses will normally range from 300-600mg per week. 300mg per week is a fantastic starting point. If 300mg per week is tolerated well, a higher dose can be considered the next go around. Very few should ever need more than 600mg per week, but regardless of the dose keep in mind the higher the dose the greater the probability for adverse side effects. Most men will not need to go above 400mg per week.

    Regardless of the dose, Dinandrol should be injected at minimum two times per week. In order to maintain perfect blood levels, small every other day doses will suffice. Regardless of how you plan your injection schedule or your total dose, eight weeks of use will be minimum with twelve weeks being far more optimal. Many men will even find sixteen weeks of use to be very tolerable. You will also find Dinandrol stacks well with all anabolic steroids, but there is no reason to use it with another Nandrolon compound.

    For the female athlete, a Dinandrol dose of 50mg per week for 4-6 weeks is all that can be recommended with at least six weeks of no use in-between periods of use. Some women will be able to tolerate this hormone and benefit greatly, but it will vary from one woman to the next. Doses above 50mg per week will all but assure some level of virilization.


    الناندرولون Ester Steroid Cooking Recipe:
    الناندرولون phenylpropionate100mg/ml @ 500ml Recipe :
    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Durabolin Powder: 50ز (37.5مل)
    الكحول البنزيل: 15مل (3%)
    بنزوات البنزيل: 75مل (15%)
    Grapeseed oil: 372.5 مل

    Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg/Ml @ 100ml وصفه:
    Nandrolone Decanoate Powder 25g
    3% BA 3ml
    15% BB 15ml
    33.25ml EO
    30 ml GSO
    The oil could be grape seed oil, or sesame oil, زيت جوز الهند مع جزء من اوليئات إيثيل, MCT.


    Nandrolone Steroid Esters:
    The most commonly used esters form are nandrolone decanoate and nandrolone phenylpropionate. ونحن أيضا توريد قاعدة ناندرولون (ناندرولون لا إستر), سيبيونات الناندرولون, أونديسيلاتي الناندرولون, لوريت الناندرولون, بروبيونات الناندرولون التي يمكن أن تستخدم لجعل "دورابولين مزيج ناندرولون" مع عشاري & الحزب الوطني الجديد.

    1) أما بالنسبة لكل استفساراتكم, ونحن دائماً في الرد في الوقت المناسب وصبر. وستقدم جميع المعلومات ذات الصلة لمساعدتك على جعل من الحكمة.

    2) إذا كنت من أجل مسحوق خام, ونحن يمكن أن توفر لك مع COA, وصفات كوك النفط الستيرويد, التغذية المرتدة.

    3) إذا كنت من أجل "حقن الستيرويد النفط", ونحن يمكن أن توفر لك مع قنينة, سدادات مطاطية, مرشحات حقنه, آلة التصفية التلقائية, المكشكش, آلة الصحافة, بطاقات عنونة, مربعات.

    4) بعد تأكيد الدفع الخاص بك, وستقدم الشحن الترتيب ومجموعة من الصور داخل 24 ساعات; رقم تتبع ستقدم ضمن 72 ساعات
    5) للحصول على معلومات قطعة هامة, مثل: غادر البلد الأصلي, وصل في بلد المقصد, مرت الجمارك, خارج عن التسليم, سلمت, سيتم إرسال هذه المعلومات لك في الوقت المناسب.

    6) نحن ممتنون لتلقي استفسار أو رسالة منك, سوف تحصل على إجابة راض.


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    أما بالنسبة لكندا, البرازيل من منطقة عالية جدا مشبك إغلاق معدل, لدينا أيضا طريقة جديدة للحصول من خلال

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    التعبئة ووفقا لمختلف البلدان وكمية الطلبات
    فترة إنتاج ترتيب داخل 24 ساعات عند استلام الدفع الخاص بك
    صور وسيمنح صور الطرود أقول عدا السلع مقدما
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