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    Yohimbine HCL Details:
    Name des Produkts: Yohimbine Hydrochloride,Yohimbin HCL,Yohimbe HCL
    Yohimbine HCL Alias: Corynine; Aphrodine,Yohimbe,Yohimbine,Yoh,Yohimar,Testomar, Erex
    Yohimbine HCL CAS No: 65-19-0
    Yohimbine HCL Einecs No: 200-600-4
    Yohimbine HCL MF: C21H27ClN2O3
    Yohimbine HCL MW: 390.91
    Yohimbine HCL Purity: 98%
    Yohimbine HCL Grade:Pharmazeutischer Qualität
    Yohimbine HCL Appearance:Weißes, kristallines Pulver, taste slightly bitter.
    Soluble in chloroform, soluble in methanol, Ethanol, slightly soluble in water.

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    Yohimbine HCL Spezifikation:

    Yohimbine HCL Name Yohimbine Hydrochloride,Yohimbin HCL,Yohimbe HCL, Yohimbine
    Yohimbine HCL Alias Corynine; Aphrodine,Yohimbe,Yoh,Yohimar,Testomar, Erex
    Yohimbine HCL CAS No 65-19-0
    Yohimbine HCL EINECS 200-600-4
    Yohimbine HCL Purity 98%
    Yohimbine HCL Molecular Formula C21H26N2O3HCL
    Yohimbine HCL Molecular Weight 390.91
    Yohimbine HCL Appearance Weißes, kristallines Pulver
    Yohimbine HCL Grade Pharmazeutischer Qualität


    Was ist Yohimbine HCL?

    Yohimbe is the name of an evergreen tree found in parts of central and western Africa. The bark of yohimbe contains a chemical called yohimbine, which is used to make medicine. Yohimbine hydrochloride (Aphrodyne, Yocon) is a form of yohimbine that is a prescription drug in the US.

    Yohimbe supplements often list yohimbe bark extract or yohimbine as the active ingredient. Jedoch, some of these products might not provide accurate information about the amount of yohimbine in the supplement. Auch, some yohimbe supplements list yohimbine hydrochloride as an active ingredient. Yohimbe products containing man-made yohimbine hydrochloride as an ingredient are not legal to sell as a dietary supplement in the US.

    Yohimbe is taken by mouth arouse sexual excitement, for erectile dysfunction (Ed), sexual problems caused by medications for depression called selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and general sexual problems in both men and women. It is also used for athletic performance, weight loss, exhaustion, chest pain, high blood pressure, low blood pressure that occurs when standing up, diabetic nerve pain, and for depression along with certain other medications.


    Yohimbine HCL Funktion:

    -Yohimbe is shown to be a powerful antioxidant.

    -Yohimbe is an aphrodisiac for both men and women.

    -Yohimbe also helps prevent arteries from getting clogged.

    -Yohimbe has also been shown to help prevent heart attacks.

    -Yohimbe is decreasing fat synthesis and working as a great anti-depressant.

    -Yohimbe can also elevate mood, reduce anxiety and depression, and helps building muscles.

    -Recent studies suggest Yohimbe may be effective in the treatment of male impotence especially that associated


    Sex Enhancement Hormone

    Cialis (Tadalafil) CAS: 171596-29-5
    Sildenafil Citrat(Sildenafil) CAS: 171599-83-0
    Sildenafil Mesylat CAS: 139755-83-2
    Sildenafil (Viagra) CAS: 139755-83-2
    Vardenafil (Levitra) CAS: 224785-91-5
    Avanafil CAS: 330784-47-9
    Acetildenafil (Hongdenafil) CAS: 831217-01-7
    Dapoxetine CAS: 119356-77-3
    Dapoxetin HCl CAS: 1071929-03-7
    Dutasteride CAS: 164656-23-9
    Finasterid CAS: 98319-26-7
    Yohimbin HCl CAS: 65-19-0

    Sildenafile Sex Hormone Dosierung Recommand:

    Name des Produkts Dosierung Funktion
    Sildenafile Citrat 100-200mg So machen Sie Tabletten oder Kapseln
    Sildenafile Mesylat 100-150mg So machen Sie Pillen oder Kapseln, oder Gesundheitswein
    Sildenafile Base 100-120mg So machen Sie Pillen /Kapseln


    Yohimbine HCL Funktionen:

    1. Yohimbine HCLEffect on Sex:

    Yohimbine HCL has shown to rapidly increase the Libido of both men and women and its properties as an aphrodisiac are well known throughout the scientific world. Yohimbine HCL increases the sex drive of men and is even used to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (under active libido) in women. Its most pronounced sexual effect appears to be in its treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in men and has shown to even increase penile girth (the width of the male penis). Through its effect on minor corpus cavernosum smooth muscle relaxation, the vasodilatation caused increases blood flow to the penis exponentially. Continual use of Yohimbine HCL is required to achieve these results as it cannot be achieved through casual or one time usage.


    1. Yohimbine HCLEffect on Weight:

    The biggest mistake made by users of this prescription grade element is when it is taken with food. Yohimbe in all its forms must be taken on an empty stomach in between meals in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Food and certain vitamins will nullify the effects of Yohimbine HCL and this is even present in some supplements which contain this powerful element. The weight loss benefits of it can be quite powerful and extreme when taken in its proper dosing and in its purest form.

    III. Yohimbine HCL Effect on Energy:

    Numerous studies have shown Yohimbe in all its forms will increase energy, has shown to increase the heart rate in sedentary individuals, and is well known as a powerful fat loss compound. Through its appetite suppressing functions and metabolism increasing functions, this one-two punch has shown to be a catalyst for powerful weight loss in both men and women alike.

    Yohimbine HCL COA:

    Aussehen Feines weißes Pulver Entspricht
    Geruch Characteristic Entspricht
    Assay (HPLC) On dry basis Yohimbine HCL≥98.0% 99. 3%
    Sieve analysis NLT 100% bestehen 80 Masche Entspricht
    Schmelzpunkt 285-290° C 288.2oC
    Boiling point 542.979° C bei 760 mmHg Entspricht
    Flash point 282.184° C Entspricht
    Vapour Pressur 0mmHg at 25°C Entspricht
    Spezifische Drehung +100º to +105º +103.80º
    Löslichkeit Slightly soluble in Water/Alcohol Entspricht
    Trocknungsverlust ≤1% 0.7%
    Residue on Ignition ≤1% 0.87%
    Heavy Metal <15Ppm <10Ppm
    As <2.0Ppm <1Ppm
    Pb <1.0Ppm <0.4Ppm
    Cd <1.0Ppm 0Ppm
    Hg <0.1Ppm 0Ppm
    Residual Solvents Eur.Pharm. Entspricht
    Plattenanzahl insgesamt <1000cfu/g Entspricht
    hefe & Moulds <100cfu/g Entspricht
    E.Coli ablehnend Entspricht
    salmonellenvergiftung ablehnend Entspricht
    S.aureus ablehnend Entspricht


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