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Shipping/ Return/ Refund Policy:

>>> Shipping Procedure:

We will attempt to ship most orders within 48 hours excluding weekends or holidays.All Items are shipped safely and in manner that ensures safe arrival. If for any reason this is not the case then please email us and we will work with you. Each case is handled individually.


International and EU orders ship via Priority mail or DHL based on weight. Customer will be provided with tracking number. Shipment to countries with tropical climate will be in isolated pack and with cooling inlets. After receiving all products must be placed into refrigerator to +5° C.


>>> Resend Procedure:

We will accepts returns if it is due to damage that is our fault or manufacturers defects. The items that we sell are peptide and as such could degrade if improperly handled. As a result we are unable to resell products once they have left our warehouse. The return must be within 15 days of the time of the purchase.


Peptide on the other hand, due to their fragile nature and us being to monitor how they were handled when they were out of care, could possibly degrade. We prefer not to accept returns of peptide due to this fact.If you are missing an item or the item you receive is damaged, then please contact us and we will sent out a replacement free of shipping cost to you.


>>> Delivery Insurance:

All our shipments are insured. We guarantee delivery regardless of any obstacles that might happen on the way. None of our customers have ever been left empty handed and neither will you.

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